Portable Oven For Wood Fired Pizza

Il Forno By Marco portable oven is manufactured in Delhi,  combining standardised fabrication techniques with the very best raw material on the market. 

The smallest portable oven can cook one 11" pizza at a time, while our largest pizza oven can cook 4 11" pizzas at a time.
The weight of the smallest pizza oven is around 60 kg and the largest ovens is 250 kg. This makes it easy for us to ship the ready-made pizza oven to your place.  
The width of the smallest portable pizza oven is 90 cm, and the biggest one is 120 cm. This enables our ovens to go through doors and small corridors.

All our range of portable artisan pizza ovens on wheels are very efficient and reaches temperatures as high as 400°C in only 30 minutes. 
The shape of the wood oven mouth enables the oven to keep the heat for a longer time and so make you save on your running cost.

Putting a gas burner system in your portable pizza oven helps to keep the temperature constant which makes the oven easy to use. By having a gas burner and still burn a little wood in your oven the pizza will get the smokey flavour!  

The reason for chosing a mobile pizza oven is usually because of its mobility.This artisan pizza oven on wheels could also be prefered because of its smaller size or great value for money.

In your restaurant, you can now easily try the response for wood fired pizza among your customers! Since this is a ready-made product that cost half the price of a brick oven. Once you have a positive feedback from your customers you can upgrade to a brick oven and keep your mobile oven for catering events and parties.

Bring the portable oven to your customers 

Il Forno By Marco mobile pizza ovens have a fire brick cooking base and a dome fabricated with thick stainless steel that makes the oven steady and able be moved easily.  Because of this these oven are successfully used by catering businesses and food trucks, pizza delivery businesses and in smaller kitchens.

In fact, many successful pizza places started as catering / delivery business and made artisan pizza from a portable wood fired oven. You can always choose upgrade to a commercial brick oven as your business grow.

Portable Oven – because Everyone Everywhere Loves Pizza

Pizza is among the top three most popular dishes in the world, loved by every nationality and every age! A wood fired pizza oven is excellent addition to any business whether you are doing catering, delivery or fixed restaurant establishment.  

With an artisan wood fired pizza oven on wheels you will take your Italian menu and your pizza to a premium level! 

In order to help you make the best of your mobile oven, Marco´s will shar with you his recipe for the finest pizza dough. He can also help you out with the setting of the pizza menu and kitchen layout for the pizza making work station.

Since Marco has a background in hospitality from founding and running the famous Il Forno Italian Restaurant in Manali for 17 years he can also help you with list of imported ingredients and trusted vendors for the same so that it will be easy for you to follow the menu.


Commercial Oven

Standard size is good for cooking two 11" pizza at a time while Large is good for cooking four 11" pizza at a time. This oven is mostly used in commercial businesses such as restaurants and catering businesses. This oven weigh 200 kg (standard size) and 250 kg (large size) and has steel trolley with wheels.  

Non-Commercial Oven

Our smallest wood fired oven is good for cooking one to two 11" pizza at a time.  This affordable oven is mainly used for non commercial use. You can load it in a car and use it on a balcony or in a smaller kitchen. This oven only weigh 80 kg and can be transported in a car. 



Add A customised Finishing!

If you are planning to have your mobile wood fired pizza oven visible for your customers you might choose to add a customize finishing. We can cover the metal steel shell with anything from mosaic to broken tile mosaic and brick veneers.

However, most common is the finishing included in the price which is epoxy anti-corrosion paint in either black, blue, red, or green.


Moving of a mobile wood fired oven in our factory in Delhi. 


How much does a portable oven for wood fired pizza cost?