Il Forno By Marco have installed wood fired pizza ovens across India since 2010. In 2016 we extended our range with portable pizza ovens. 

Our portable pizza ovens comes in three sizes: the smallest one is for 1 pizza at a time and is recommended for private non-commercial use. The two other metal ovens are commercial ovens that comes on a steel trolley with wheels. The standard size is good for cooking 2 pizzas at a time and the large size is good for cooking 4 pizzas at a time. These two commercial ovens are perfect for catering businesses or smaller kitchens.  

Our range of brick ovens are commercial pizza ovens and comes in two sizes: the standard size is good for cooking 3-4 pizzas at a time. The large size is good for cooking 5-6 pizzas at a time. These commerical brick ovens are availible as semi-mobile, i.e. installed on a steel trolley on wheels, or as fixed ovens, i.e. installed on a slab on a brick wall. All our ovens, both wood and gas fired, reaches temperatures above 400°C in just 30–40 minutes. This enables you to cook a pizza in only 1-2 minutes. 

The Il Forno By marco development since 2010 —> present

Since Marco built his first wood fired oven in 2010 Il Forno By Marco has come a long way and developed many new models. Below is a images where you can follow this development. 

So: what are our customers thinking about or wood fired ovens?