Reviews From Our Customers

Extremely satisfied with my oven, have been using it for more than a year without complaints. The best part is Marco is hands-on and always helpful with anything pizza-related. I’m about to place an order for my second oven with Marco, his quality of work is excellent and I highly recommend his ovens.
— Amol Kumar, Owner, Leo´s, Delhi

We got marco’s oven for A Tavola Con Te 3 years back. The oven was fine. Our business grown and we decided to get a bigger one and got again marco’s oven, got his latest model. What an improvement! The new oven get hot in half the time and the insulation is so effective that the oven is very hot inside and cold from outside! The tile mosaic is beatifull. Thanks Marco
— Ramesh Tiwari, owner, A Tavola Con Te, Rishikesh

I decided to go ahead with IL Forno’s Semi Mobile Wood Fired Oven for my upcoming Italian Restaurant - EVOO EATERY AND PIZZERIA in Shivalik, New Delhi. It was an absolute joy to watch how IL Forno (Marco & his team) hand craft the oven with complete dedication making sure that every material and equipment used is of highest quality. Marco’s personal involvement is a seal of quality product which is built to last and it is clearly evident from the Artisan Wood Fired Pizzas that we are able to make. Marco does not limit himself in giving useful suggestions and it was a pleasure to have IL Forno (Marco) make our oven. I would Highly Recommend IL Forno and wish Marco & his team all the success.
— Sachin Grover, Owner, EVOO, Delhi

I decided to get Marcos wood fired oven for my Third Italian restaurant “Like Italy “ in Gk1. The performance of the oven is really good and it is so beautiful! In fact the pizza is much appreciated. I am very happy with my oven and the collaboration with Marco, the suggestions he gave me was helpful. Even i appreciate his commitment of timing which is most important for me.I would recommend Marco and his team to everyone that wants to make authentic Italian pizza. Thanks Marco.
— Kanwaljeet Kaur, Owner, Like Italy, Delhi

I got Marco´s oven for Nofilter Café. The Oven is excellent and is an important part of the over-all design. Marco is reliable and great to work with, which is why I decided to get another of his ovens.
— Kartikeya Tiwari, Owner, Nofilter Café, Delhi

 S small wood fired oven in metal with black epoxy paint finishing. To the right is the Il Forno By Marco logo.
We are a designer catering co. in Lucknow We recently had a requirement for making authentic hand tossed thin crust pizzas for a major event in Lucknow. We decided to buy Marcos small mobile wood fired oven and we cooked 40-50 pizzas each day for the event. The small mobile oven is very handy and over all an excellent product as the output product cooks to the best of the quality and taste, and is hassle free at the same time.
— Shoubhik , Manager Food & Beverage, Cassiia

The wood fired oven was built in no time and looks really good. Marco in collaboration with our interior designer did outstanding finishing: the blue sky with shining stars mosaic mach the restaurant at the swimming pool. Pizza are coming out so well with all the flavours of the fire. Thanks Marco.
— Davide Cananzi, Working Partner, Eat Pray Luv, Bombay

Marco´s fixed oven with exposed bricks finishing gives a homely-Italian atmosphere to my family-run restaurant ZZA BAR. Marco gave me his pizza recipe and referred the right suppliers for procuring the best ingredients. My place serves the best pizzas in Manipal, thanks Marco.
— Srinivas Uppaluri, Owner, ZZA BAR, Manipal

We wish to thank you for successfully executing the construction work of Wood fired oven & the basic training which you have provided to our staff in regards to operating it. We were thoroughly pleased with your workmanship, expertise, & the attention you have paid to details. The final outcome is fantastic as it matches perfectly with the interiors of the outlet.
— Arvind Prasad, Resort Manager, Solang Valley Resorts, Manali

Getting IL FORNO’S oven made a difference. The restaurant is now getting known for the best pizza in Rishikesh. The oven was built in just two weeks. Marco Cappiotti did the pizza course for us and he really helped us launch our restaurant. We had fun with Marco, his oven is very good and the pizza even better. Amazing, a wood fired oven built on a trolley.
— Tiziana Shaswati, Owner, A Tavola Con Te, Rishikesh

I already had one wood fired oven, I had it made myself, but I wasn’t happy. After I decided to have Il Forno’s oven things changed: the cooking of the pizza is now brilliant and finally the oven retains the heat. I got the training from Il Forno as well and the quality of the Italian food we sell in our restaurant changed completely, only Italians can do that!
— Mehul Johnson, Owner, Jonhson Bar and Restaurant, Manali

The oven is visible from the restaurant and often attracts customer attention; by burning mango wood in that pizza oven we get a lovely flavors which made the restaurant well known for pizzas around Chandigarh.
— Ashish Manchanda, Chef Consultant, Virgin Courtyard, Chandigarh